Women’s Housing Framework

YWCA Australia is currently piloting an Australian sector-first model called the Women’s Housing Framework.

This framework identifies best practice approaches to designing, acquiring, and operating housing for women. Based on findings taken from women-centred literature and learnings from those with lived experience of housing insecurity and homelessness, the Framework outlines small changes an organisation can make to ensure they are working with residents to support them in achieving positive housing and individual outcomes linked to broader gender equality outcomes.

woman on couch

How is it Structured?

There are four domains of impact which are designed to improve women’s housing stability and their capacity to fully participate in society.

Participation and Collaboration

  • Actively involved in housing management
  • Integrate and participate with their community, families and social circles
  • Actively seek to learn new skills
  • Access meaningful and secure employment while actively participating in community

Safety and Security

  • Feel safe and secure within their community
  • Feel seen and supported, safe and secure within their homes
  • Learn sustainable environmental practices
  • Achieve financial security and independence


  • Know themselves
  • Determine the course of their future, live as independently as possible
  • Have influence and control over their home
  • Self-organise and form a supportive community.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Create healthy and sustainable habits
  • Independently manage their health and wellbeing supports
  • Strengthen their familial and social relationships
  • Process and heal their trauma
  • Strengthen cultural and spiritual connections