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YWCA Australia is an experienced and award-winning community and affordable housing provider with a specialist focus on women.

Nationally, YWCA Australia currently owns and manages more than 420 social and affordable homes, with a rapidly expanding footprint. We specialise in medium to long-term social and affordable housing, with some offerings of transitional accommodation. Our current projects and developments are focused on delivering long-term housing solutions for women. Our housing spans Northern Territory, Queensland and Victoria, with the construction of our first development in South Australia underway.

YWCA Australia established our community housing providers, YWCA National Housing and YWCA Housing. Together, the three partner organisations work to ensure women in Australia have safe, secure, and affordable homes and can build the future they want.

YWCA National Housing and YWCA Housing are both registered community housing providers.

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Current Projects


In partnership with the Victorian Government, YWCA Australia is developing 59 new social and affordable homes in regional communities.

The residential dwellings are being developed with Homes Victoria under the State Government’s $5.3 Big Housing Build and in collaboration with a range of exceptional partners.

Mooroopna Women’s Housing Development

Construction has commenced on 9 social housing properties, comprising 4 four-bedroom homes and 5 three-bedroom homes, for women and their families across Mooroopna, near Shepparton.

Other regional projects

YWCA has also received funding to construct 50 social and affordable homes for women across regional areas in Victoria.

Image of house under construction in Mooroopna

South Australia

Hutt Street Affordable Housing Development

Construction is due to commence in August 2023 on our Hutt Street Affordable Housing Development in Adelaide – our first affordable housing development in South Australia.

The development is comprised of 24 one, two and three-bedroom apartments in a 7 storey building.

It is designed to provide affordable housing to key workers and their families who have experienced family and domestic violence.

This $15.7 million project is self-funded by YWCA Australia, with a loan from the SA Housing Authority.

The development is designed by architects Tridente Boyce.

Artists rendering of Hutt Street Development


Spot Purchase Projects

YWCA Australia is proud to be partnering with the Queensland Government to deliver housing solutions for women and their families in need across the state. Innovative solutions like this spot purchase project bring social housing online quickly, which means women and their families have a roof over their head much sooner.


YWCA Australia is purchasing 19 homes in the Darling Downs region to deliver new social and affordable housing. This project is ongoing, with tenants moving into recently purchased properties.


YWCA Australia is purchasing 21 homes in Townsville to deliver new social and affordable housing. This project is ongoing, with tenants moving into recently purchased properties.

Ipswich new build

YWCA will shortly commence construction on a project to build 10 three-bedroom homes in the South-East suburbs of Ipswich, Queensland.

Completed Projects

Bendigo Affordable Housing Development, Victoria

Completed in March 2021, our Bendigo Affordable Housing Development is comprised of 5 three-bedroom homes architecturally designed by DKO Architects. Our residents are women and their families who have otherwise struggled to access the rental market. This project was self-funded by YWCA Australia.

three townhouses side by side.

Geelong Affordable Housing Development, Victoria

Constructed in 2009, this development is comprised of 6 self-contained apartments leased to women and their families struggling to access housing in the area.

Street view of Geelong Affordable Housing Development

Innovative Partnerships

Housing All Australians Partnership, Victoria

Through a partnership with Housing All Australians, we have repurposed two redundant buildings in Melbourne to provide housing for women over 55. Site One is a 6-room rooming house with shared kitchen and living areas for single women Site Two is a 38-room rooming house with shared kitchen and living areas. Further upgrades to bring an additional 18 rooms online will commence in 2023.

Gardenhouse room

Development Opportunities

Northern Territory

YWCA Australia owns a 3,488sqm site in Central Darwin that offers an ideal redevelopment location.

YWCA Australia is seeking partnerships to facilitate the rezoning and redevelopment of this land to provide purpose-built housing for women and their families.