Property Development

Ongoing housing development is a core component of YWCA National Housing’s Strategic Growth Framework, with the aim of increasing the stock of affordable housing options for women across Australia.

These projects combine government funding with commercial partnerships and other strategic collaborations to deliver sustainable and accessible affordable housing.

For example, in Queensland, we are working with the state government through Partnering for Growth to provide new and innovative housing support and grow the number of community housing properties. Specifically in Toowoomba, we are negotiating to increase the number of units at our Betty Willis property.

In South Australia, we are exploring redevelopment of an existing YWCA property into a mixed-use space which would include retail and commercial spaces, with affordable housing for women escaping domestic and family violence on other levels. 

Upcoming development: Bendigo Build-to-Rent

One specific example is our build-to-rent project in Bendigo, regional Victoria. This innovative project is a partnership with builder GJ Gardner. Five three-bedroom townhouses will be built to be held by YWCA National Housing for ten years and rented out to women and their families for 75% of market rental rates.

We envision that our tenants are likely to be women and their children who have experienced domestic and family violence. This model allows them to rent at below market rate for up to ten years while they find their financial footing, with the aim of purchasing the property after ten years.

We expect that this development project will be completed by mid-2020.