Survey Data

Impact Framework Survey

YWCA National Housing provides housing choices that are safe, affordable and sustainable. Housing provides women with the security to improve their wellbeing and feel empowered to drive positive changes.

We have an ongoing commitment to improving tenant satisfaction and experiences with our housing service. In 2018-19, we undertook research into the impact of our housing services, with the aim of measuring if the Housing First approach impacted women’s sense of security, empowerment and wellbeing. We measured against these three impact areas – security, empowerment, and wellbeing – and surveyed both past and present tenants (43% response rate).


“Thank God I don’t have to pack up again. It has made the most amazing difference to my life. It’s stressful to try and keep a roof over your head. I feel blessed every day.”

Our housing provides security to women with sustainable housing choices, where they feel safe and can improve their financial security. Many of our tenants have experienced domestic and family violence or come from other trauma-informed backgrounds that may limit their financial security. We are committed to providing secure accommodation, where our tenants feel safe in their own home and can build their financial futures.

  • Two-thirds of survey respondents felt safe in the area they lived
  • Over 90% of survey respondents had stabilised their financial situation without increasing debt, with 13% saying that they were able to save some money as well.


“I’ve got back in touch with my family and friends, and I was able to spend the last few months with my dad before he died.”

Housing security empowers women to establish positive relationships and increases their opportunity for social and economic participation. Secure housing is the basis for other things in life – including social, educational and economic participation. If a woman feels safe in her own home, she can then work towards building economic security and social connections.

  • Over half of survey respondents said their local community makes them feel welcome
  • 1 in 5 survey respondents were enrolled in a course of study to improve their future economic security


“Someone told me that I became stronger than before.”

Housing security improves wellbeing and provides an opportunity for women to better manage and improve their emotional, physical and mental health. This includes an increased ability to handle challenging situations and make healthy life choices.

Over half of survey respondents said they:

  • do more things that are good for their health
  • are better able to look after their health
  • are better able to deal with life’s challenges

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we will continue to measure the impact of our housing services using this Impact Framework in coming years, with results demonstrating the benefits of the Housing First model whilst informing how we deliver and improve our services.

We thank the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for their support of this important work.