What We Do

YWCA Housing is the subsidiary company of YWCA Victoria and is a registered Community Housing Provider under the Housing Act 1983.

Richmond House

The YWCA manages a portfolio of long to medium terms housing properties through-out Melbourne metropolitan, Bendigo and Geelong, providing over 100,000 nights of accommodation to women on low income, each year.

Housing options for women include standalone properties and shared housing accommodation.

All Australians are affected by the shortage of affordable accommodation and available rental housing but women, particularly those reliant on either part-time wages/salaries or parenting payment (single), may be more at risk than men. One of the main reasons is related to gender-based economic/financial inequality. Rising divorce rates, skyrocketing rents and the gender pay gap contribute to women’s housing stress. Data compiled by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency shows the superannuation gap, on average, is 46.6%. This means the average Australian man retires with $197,054 while the average woman retires with just $104,734.

YWCA Housing believes that the provision of affordable housing is a foundation for ending inequality for women.