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Safe, secure and affordable housing is a cornerstone of our work and an essential part of empowering women.

Leanne’s Story

Leanne is a 55year old woman who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and depression. Leanne and her husband lived in the western suburbs of Melbourne for over 18 years where Leanne had worked all her life. In 2014, Leanne was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and as her health deteriorated, she found she was unable to continue full time work.

Leanne’s husband was a gambler and as a result he lost all their assets, so when Leanne was forced to leave her home in 2011 due to family violence, she also left with very little money.

Leanne spent the next four years homeless. She slept on the couches of family and friends, on the street, and in her storage facility located in inner Melbourne.

Last year, after sleeping in her storage facility for four months straight, she finally approached her local church for assistance. Leanne was provided with crisis accommodation with four other men, however after some months, she was once again forced to flee after she was assaulted by one of the men in the house.

Eventually with the assistance of Launch Housing, Leanne was referred to YWCA Housing’s Pathways program. Leanne now lives in long term, safe, affordable accommodation.

Leanne says “I am so grateful, and so happy to be here. Prior to being housed through the Pathways to Independence program with YWCA, I was living on the streets, in my storage container, carrying around my belongings around the streets of Melbourne. I love the area where I am living, my room, having a fridge in my room for food. We go as a group to get groceries, we are all women sharing one house, who support and look out for each other”.